Kai Hua Bao, Ai Hui Sun, Kun Ming Hu

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  A Kastler-Kalau-Walze Type Theorem for 7-Dimensional Manifolds with Boundary about Witten Deformation (119-145)  


Berrabah Bendoukha

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  On a Certain Class of Г-Contractions (146-162)  


O.O. Hukalov, V.D. Gordevskyy

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  The Interaction of an Infinite Number of Eddy Flows for the Hard Spheres Model (163-174)  


Abdelaziz Limam, Yamna Boukhatem, Benyattou Benabderrahmane

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  General Decay Result for a Type III Thermoelastic Coupled System with Acoustic Boundary Conditions in the Presence of Distributed Delay (175-200)  


Masumeh Nejadahm, Hamid Reza Salimi Moghaddam

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  Left Invariant Lifted (α, β)-metrics of Douglas Type on Tangent Lie Groups (201-215)  


Ismail Nikoufar

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  Some Properties of the Tsallis Relative Operator φ-Entropy (216-232)  


A. Yakhshimuratov, T. Kriecherbauer, B. Babajanov

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  On the Construction and Integration ofa Hierarchy for the Kaup System witha Self-Consistent Source in the Class ofPeriodic Functions (233-257)