Azeb Alghanemi, Wael Abdelhedi, Hichem ChtiouiDownload 443730 byte View Abstract  
  A Complete Study of the Lack of Compactness and Existence Results of a Fractional Nirenberg Equation via a Flatness Hypothesis. Part II (3-32)  

  H. Amirzadeh-Fard, Gh. Haghighatdoost, A. Rezaei-AghdamDownload 387563 byte View Abstract  
  Jacobi-Lie Hamiltonian Systems on Real Low-Dimensional Jacobi-Lie Groups and their Lie Symmetries (33-56)  

  Amel Boudiaf, Salah DrablaDownload 345402 byte View Abstract  
  General Decay Result for a Weakly Damped Thermo-Viscoelastic System with Second Sound (57-74)  

  Larissa Fardigola, Kateryna KhalinaDownload 611704 byte View Abstract  
  Controllability Problems for the Heat Equation in a Half-Plane Controlled by the Dirichlet Boundary Condition with a Point-Wise Control (75-104)  

  S.L. Gefter, A.L. Piven'Download 349948 byte View Abstract  
  Implicit Linear Nonhomogeneous Difference Equation over ℤ with a Random Right-Hand Side (105-117)  

  Jawhar Hbil, Mohamed ZawayDownload 391180 byte View Abstract  
  A Weak Solution to the Complex Hessian Equation Associated to an m-Positive Closed Current (118-135)  

  Halis YilmazDownload 690217 byte View Abstract  
  Darboux Transformation for the Hirota Equation (136-152)