Peer-Review Procedure

Articles submitted for publication, if they satisfy the requirements of the journal, are generally sent to an independent referee who is asked to report on the scientific quality and originality of the work as well as its presentation.

We are committed to publishing only high-quality material. Articles which referees or editors deem to be technically sound, but of little interest, will usually be rejected.

If there is sufficient agreement between the referees, the article may be accepted; the referees' reports may be sent to the authors for amendment or revision of the article; the article may be rejected; or if the article contains too many errors for the referees to comment fully on the scientific content, the authors will be asked to make major revisions and then resubmit the article.

When authors make revisions to their article in response to the referees' comments they are asked to submit a list of changes and any replies for transmission to the referees. If the referees remain dissatisfied, the article will be considered by the Editorial Board.