Farah Balaadich, Elhoussine Azroul

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  On Steady Flows of Quasi-Newtonian Fluids in Orlicz–Sobolev Spaces (263-279)  


Mustapha Bouallala, EL-Hassan Essoufi

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  A Thermo-Viscoelastic Fractional Contact Problem with Normal Compliance and Coulomb’s Friction (280-294)  


Lassaad Chergui

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  A Note on a Damped Focusing Inhomogeneous Choquard Equation (295-325)  


Valeriy Korobov, Kateryna Stiepanova

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  The Peculiarity of Solving the Synthesis Problem for Linear Systems to a Non-Equilibrium Point (326-340)  


Anshul Rana, Ravinder Kumar Sharma, Sumit Chandok

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  Stability of Complex Functional Equations in 2-Banach Spaces (341-368)  


Bo Xu, Sheng Zhang

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  Exact Solutions of Nonlinear Equations in Mathematical Physics via Negative Power Expansion Method (369-387)  


Abderrahim Zagane

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  Para-Complex Norden Structures in Cotangent Bundle Equipped with Vertical Rescaled Cheeger–Gromoll Metric (388-402)